Loyalty Program

Welcome to Hey Happiness Club. Be part of our community by joining our loyalty program which rewards you each time you spend with us. Gain points as you shop which you can redeem against your next order. 

How does it work?

It is super easy! You can earn points in several ways.

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You can start right away by creating an account at Hey Happiness - you will receive 100 welcome points. If you already have an account you are already accumulating points! The points earned through purchases and product reviews will be automatically added to your account.

You can view your current points on the Loyalty Points section on your account.

Points will expire 12 months after your last purchase that earned points. So, as long as you make purchases within 12 months, your points will never expire.

Purchases made without an account (guest checkout) are not eligible for accumulating points. In order to earn points, please make sure you sign in on your account before placing an order. If you place an order without an account (guest checkout), but immediately convert to a standard account on the Order Confirmation page, you will earn points for the order you just placed.

Previous purchases are not eligible for loyalty points.
Purchase points are awarded after the order has been delivered. Before that they will be in “Awaiting validation” state.
Purchases with returned or exchanged products will not be eligible for loyalty points.
Product reviews are only valid for products that you actually bought. Limit of 1 review per product per purchase.
You cannot redeem your points without an order.

Items received by redeeming loyalty points cannot be returned or exchanged.
Points cannot be converted into cash or any other benefit different from the ones defined in the above terms.
Points can be deducted from your account if we notice any unusual activity or misconduct.
We reserve the right to cancel or change the terms of the Loyalty Program at anytime at your discretion.

We are constantly working on improving our Loyalty Program. If you have a comment/feedback to make the Loyalty Program more interesting and attractive to you, please drop us an email at support-en@heyhappiness.com and we'd be happy to hear from you!