Layering Sets
Layering Sets

Layering Sets

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These are our curated jewelry sets designed especially to wear layered up and stacked together. Try them on and experiment with texture, shape and proportion.


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If you’re a fan of the layering style but are hesitant to try it, then this is the category for you. Our layering sets are for anyone who is unsure of where to start (or in some cases where to stop) when it comes to stacking on the jewels and wearing multiple accessories at once. We’ve carefully curated some very special combinations, specifically for layering together, that we hope will inspire your approach to styling and encourage your creativity when it comes to accessorizing.

On this page you’ll find a collection of different layering sets, each one combining some of our most popular pieces in a unique and interesting way. We wanted to avoid the more traditional ways of combining jewelry (pairing mountain-themed bracelets together with mountain-themed earrings for example) and have instead put together sets that evoke an emotion or mood—looks that are romantic, tough, sophisticated or trendy.

We’ve put together sets that feature two or three bracelets—thin with thin, or thick with thin—that when layered up will create an intriguing, textured look, and will perfectly polish off a simple, elegant cocktail dress or a streamlined silhouette. We’ve also got layering sets that consist of two or three different pairs of huggie earrings that can be worn at the same time, stacked together on the same ear, to create a subtle but compelling look.

We have sets of several multi-layered necklaces in different styles designed to be worn at different heights—choker necklaces worn together with longer chains with pendants; thicker necklaces made from snake chain worn with delicate, fine chains; and single-stranded chains paired with lariat necklaces. These multi-layered necklace combinations always produce a unique look and are right on trend this season.

Some of our sets are also based around a theme—heavenly-themed jewelry, with stars, moons and lightning bolts motifs, and some are curated around a color—all pieces are silver.

No matter what set you try, we think they will all add something new and unexpected to your outfit, and please don’t limit yourself by wearing them purely as we have styled them. We encourage you to experiment with your own combinations—try mixing a necklace from one of our sets with one that you already own for example. The sky really is the limit when it comes to layering. Our biggest tip to getting this look right is that editing is key and knowing what to take off... but that part comes with practice. And there’s no better time to start!