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Inspired by the beauty, grace and symmetry of our ecosystem, this range is created especially for all you nature lovers.


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Whether you’re dreaming of your next summer holiday abroad, are organising a camping trip with friends, or are just looking forward to spending a weekend exploring somewhere new in your hometown, our adventure collection will give you the inspiration to get out there and get going.

This select range of jewelry is full of travel-related motifs, shapes and forms that celebrate movement, action, discovery and exploration. It features necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings that all have one or more details that will remind you of the great outdoors, and that life is better when lived to the full—on the move, outside.

For example, we’ve collated pieces with cutout world maps, necklaces with north star pendants and necklaces that feature compasses, reminding you that you can always find your way. We’ve got pendants with cutout mountain ranges and rings with waves integrated into their design. Every piece features some element of mother nature, or of the expansive natural world that is there to be enjoyed, and every piece is made from the highest quality materials—materials that are durable and hard-wearing. We want to make sure you aren’t only inspired by these pieces, but that they will go the distance and can join you on adventure after adventure. These are modern pieces of jewelry that are built to last, even when you’re living life to the max.

We hope this is a collection that will inspire a new generation of movers and shakers, fearless explorers and individuals that don’t hesitate to face a new challenge head-on. So if you’re a surfer at heart, a keen hiker, an active urban explorer, or are purely interested in moving more, our adventure range will have a piece that speaks to your inner athlete and that you can wear to celebrate your passion for action.

Wear these pieces and you’ll wear a go-get-’em attitude!