Ocean Inspired Jewellery

Relive those long, balmy days at the beach and wear a piece of summer on your body with our Ocean Inspired Jewelry.

No matter the mood the ocean is in—dark, stormy and dramatic, or calm, peaceful and inviting, it’s always invigorating to visit the seaside and to spend time next to the blue stuff. You may not agree, but we think there’s something really special about the ocean, and luckily for us, it covers around 70 per cent of the world’s surface, so we’re usually not too far away from it. But despite its abundance and close proximity, we wanted to keep the ocean close by, and bring it that tiny bit closer to you all as well—hence our collection of Ocean Inspired Jewelry.

We don’t know about you, but we think having little momentos of the ocean surround us instantly calms any nerves and has a positive impact on our mood. You yourself may be wanting to relive a recent summer trip to the charming Balearic Islands, or be longing to travel abroad to a remote destination, or simply be wanting a refresher in your daily routine—whatever your current situation and stress levels, we think a taste of the ocean can do no wrong. Especially when you wear a piece of the ocean on your body.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this collection of jewelry that features elements of the ocean: real-life shell pendants adorning thin chain necklaces; rings with wave motifs integrated into their design; elegant circular earrings with iridescent shell inserts; earrings that have golden shell pendants and embellished cockle shells hanging underneath them; palm tree stud earrings; hoop earrings with delicate shell charms; and matching necklace and bracelet sets that feature cream-colored seashells.

And don’t think you have to be going on a summer vacation or beach hopping around Greece to wear these pieces either. They will just as easily work with flirty wrap dresses on your next weekend away, with a dressed down denim jacket for your after-hour work drinks, or with an elegant, monochromatic dress and heels for a formal dinner—they will simply add a subtle, relaxed, ‘just-back-from-vacation’ vibe to your outfit.

We think these pieces all have that special magic that comes with being close to the ocean, and honestly, who can resist that?