20 Ways to Wear Boho Style Jewelry

The boho style jewelry is definitely a hot trend at the moment.  Let us get into it right away and explore the 20 ways to wear boho style jewelry together. Hopefully this blog post will bring you some inspiration on how you can style your boho-inspired accessories.

Boho lifestyle is mainly about the free spirit, peaceful mind and individualism in terms of fashion trends. You can discover some very creative and fun bohemian inspired fashions if you keep scrolling down. Dive into the magical world of the wandering!

20 ways to wear boho inspired jewelry - go boho, gif

If you want to achieve a gypsy boho-inspired look make sure to focus on loose and flowy fabrics. Earthy and natural colors are very popular as well. Elements like tassels and fringes are typical of the bohemian style. We can find such components hanging off of shoes, bags, jackets, tops, etc.

Fringes and Tassels, Boho Look

Fringes and tassels are top essentials to achieve the perfect boho look

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These people are very nature oriented.  We can see a lot of pieces in the boho-inspired jewelry that represent nature of some sort. For example, most of their jewelry and clothing have feathers or animal design in it or flowers and plant components.

Flower Embroidery Jacket, Boho Style

Flower embroidery is a must have when it comes to boho style


If you like the boho style then you can focus more on maxi dresses, anything with fringes and tassels, kimonos, ankle boots, headwraps and layering of nature inspired jewelry.

Ankle Boots, Casual Outfit, Boho Vibes

Wear your ankle boots and casual outfits for boho vibes


1. Boho-inspired fringed necklace for a symbolic and whimsical looks

Fringed necklaces are a key element of the bohemian inspired style. Fringes are usually used to complete the edges of our clothing or jewelry. They mainly serve as a decorative part of your clothes or accessories and allow us to add some length to our style. 

Fringed Statement Necklace

Add a fringed necklace to give dimension to your boho style

Featuring "The Fringe Statement Necklace"

This type of fringed necklace with a statement stone in the center could be worn for casual or dressy outfits depending on your occasion.

Usually fringes are made from threads of suede or leather, but when it comes to jewelry they are simply hanging silver or golden strips that give our look dimension and a very Indian style.

Long Fringed Statement Necklaces, Boho Look
Long fringed statement necklaces with a modern touch for a perfectly styled boho look

source unknown

2. Delicate layered necklaces for a romantic style

Put a smile on your face along with a blushed color or all white top that goes well with a delicate layered necklace and you will easily achieve the perfect bohemian romantic look.

Delicate layered necklaces with boho-inspired pendants

Delicate layered necklaces with boho-inspired pendants for a romantic look

Via Pinterest

If you enjoy strolling around the narrow streets of beautiful places dressed up in lace, ruffles or velvet, then accessorize with a rather simplistic discreet necklace, which could be a great add-on to your outfit.

Layered Delicate Necklaces, Boho Style, White Dress

Layered delicate necklaces are the perfect add-on to your boho style


The options are endless when it comes to boho layered necklaces because they can be ornamented with many different pendants or symbolic lucky charms that could represent your hopeless romantic character.

You can try to achieve an over accessorized look by matching many bracelets and rings with different types of necklaces. For instance, a very long thick chained necklace with a very delicate shorter necklace could balance very well your overall appearance.

Lucky Charm Long Necklace, Boho Dress
Add a symbolic lucky charm necklace to your boho dress for a girly look

Via Pinterest

3. For a beach life inspired fashion add a shell choker with silver pendants

If you are a wild child and unhibited beaches attract you, then you can add a beachy boho inspired shell choker to your beach wear. Nature inspired necklaces are very typical for the boho style and look amazing on the skin.

Shell Chokers

Shell chokers are a great way to show your inner bohemian spirit

source unknown

The shell choker with silver pendants looks very original and eye-catching. You can wear this natural choker to festivals, campings or any of your next trips to a sunny destination.

Beach Wear with a Bold Shell Choker
Wear your beach wear with a bold shell choker for gypsy inspired vibes

source unknown

Besides from its authentic style, the shell choker can give you a very tempting look when you pair it with a trendy crochet stitched boho bikini and a beach cover up.

Tip: If you are already obsessed with this look, but you can’t find any such shell chokers in the stores make sure to watch this tutorial on how to DIY a shell choker:

4. For an unpredictable style add the suede choker to your outfit

Suede chokers can always be styled in a gypsy inspired way if you add, for example, other elements that are typical of the bohemian subculture. A loose flowy dress with many other jewelry to top off the look.

Floral Dresses and Suede Choker

Floral dresses and suede choker are a great combo for a gypsy inspired look


Try to complement your outfit by adding some beige or brown boots with a small heel for comfortable walks.

The mystery behind the choker necklaces comes from their versatility. You can style them in many different ways - boho, chic, sexy, urban or you name it.

Thick Black Suede Choker
Accessorize your neck with a thick suede choker for an unpredictable boho style
Add unpredictability to your look by accessorizing your neck with a beautiful and soft suede choker.

5. Gypsy boho statement necklace for wandering vibes and casual looks

For only good vibes decorate your outfit with a Gypsy Statement Necklace that can remind you of your nomadic lifestyle and  adventures during the summer.

In most cases when we think of the boho style we picture festivals, whimsy flower children, floral gypsy outfits and free-spirited people, but in reality it is very easy to bring the boho vibes in your everyday urban styles.

Statement Necklace and Casual Outfit, Bohemian look

Detailed gypsy statement necklace and casual outfits for an easy-going bohemian look

Source Unknown

You can always combine your hippie inspired necklace with jeans and a flowy kimono or cardigan  to complete your outfit.

6. Layering different types of necklaces for a distinctive hippie look

You can always take different types of necklaces to give a distinguishable look to your outfit. However, if you want to bring the hippie influences to your style, then make sure to combine necklaces of earthy and natural colors with beads, tassels, feathers, animal pendants that are associated with this style.

Beaded Layered Necklace

Add a beaded layered necklace to your V-neck for a hippie look

Via Pinterest

The necklaces can be of different length, thickness, material, but try to keep the boho thematic when you put them all together.

Long Beaded Necklace, Casual Outfit
Long beaded necklaces with boho-inspired pendants are perfect add-on to your casual outfit


7. Over accessorize your outfit with different types of rings for a modern look

The good thing about the boho gypsy inspired style is that nothing really has to match, therefore indulge yourself into some over accessorized ring looks. We have all seen the vast variations in components, colors and fabrics that are associated this kind of style. Yet, when we see it we easily recognize it.

Layering many jewelries is not surprising for this fashion trend because the wandering lifestyle of the gypsies makes it easier to pick up many different elements from around the world. For example, just like arranging many different types of necklaces you can accessorize your hands with different in size or design rings.

Boho-Inspired Rings, Statement Rings

Over accessorize your hands with boho-inspired rings for a distinctive look

Via Pinterest

You can combine delicate rings with tribal and midi knuckle rings. If you put all these pieces together you can easily make them your statement element of your outfit.

8. Add a boho ankle bracelet for a very authentic and unique look

If you want to catch people’s attention make sure to accessorize your ankle with a statement ankle boho inspired bracelet that will definitely make your style authentic and stand out of the crowd.

Foot Bracelet

For a creative and unique boho look add a foot bracelet to your outfit

Via Pinterest

Plus, feel free to add some rings on your toes with animal or tribal designs along with your foot bracelet to complete your bohemian vibe.

Foot bracelets with Ocean Blue Stones
Foot bracelets with ocean blue stones are a must have for your boho-inspired beach wear

source unknown

The ocean blue stones are also very typical of the boho fashion, therefore feel free to accessorize yourself with such pieces because they give a great contrast when placed on the skin and can remind you of your sunny and salty days on the beach.

20 ways to wear boho inspired jewlery - beach waves, gif

9. Decorate your beach wear with a mussel shells for a beachy boho wear

Another way to decorate your beachy outfit with hippie vibes is to get a mussel shell necklace that will make sure to give you a peaceful and free spirited allure.

Mussel Shell Necklace, Boho Look

Mussel shell necklace is a great add-on to your boho look for a free spirited vibes

source unknown

Any jewelry with nature inspired components could be suitable for your boho style. Try complementing your mussel shell necklace with a pastel colored kimono or beach cover up. However, due to their settled natural colors it is very easy to style with basically any other colored two-pieces that you have.

10. Spiky and geometrical shaped necklaces for a creative look

A bold detailed necklace with boho-inspired elements and geometrical shapes can also be appropriate when you try to bring out your inner free spirit. 

Statement Necklace, Hats, High-Cut Shoes, Jeans

Geometrically shaped and spiky necklace with casual outfit for a relaxed boho look

Featuring "Stunning Silver Toned Statement Necklace"

You can always check out this spiky necklace with boho-inspired elements that could look just amazing with a pair of jeans and a top that is also boho and gypsy inspired such as this red patterned blouse.

Create yourself a truly distinct outfit just by adding a jewelry with a strong appearance that can instantly convert your otherwise plain look into a style that represents your persona.

11. Feather accessorized jewelry can make your outfit look free-spirited

No matter of your choice, either earrings, necklace or a bracelet, feathers are always appropriate for a boho inspired fashion because they represent the free spirited mind and individual appearance.

Feather Cuff Bracelet, Feather Long Necklace, Feather Statement Earrings

Jewelries with feather elements are a key accessory for your boho-inspired style

Featuring "Free Spirited Statement Bracelet" and "Vintage Feather Y Necklace"

You can choose a rust-colored pieces for a vintage-inspired look or silver and golden pieces for a modern and feminine style. Pair your feathered jewelry with floral dresses or a simple top since these items are already detailed enough to be your staple piece.

Long necklaces with hanging feathers, Casual Outfit
Long necklaces with hanging feathers from the bottom + casual outfits for a modern look


12. Boho inspired tassel earrings for a versatile and original look

Tassel earrings are essential part of the boho fashion, but they can always be styled for different occasions. If you want them to be part of your night-out, casual or vintage-inspired outfit, then you just need a classic black pair of tassel earrings that can go with any of these styles.

Overall, we can see the tassel element hanging off of tops, jackets, bags, shoes, and jewelry that remind us of the boho fashion. They are decorative components that were used by different cultures for different reasons. 

Black Tassel Statement Earrings

Wear your tassel earrings with any outfit to create a very original and boho-inspired look

Featuring "Crystal Black Tassel Earrings"

However,  tassel embellished pieces could be very versatile and original because we can style them for various types of occasions so get your tasseled earrings and create different types of looks in seconds that could be suitable for romantic night-outs, vintage-inspired outfits or a simple casual attire.

If you prefer more discreet jewellery that could be worn at any time or any day make sure to accessorize your ears with some earthy toned simple designed tassel earrings. These are so feminine and pretty.

Nude Tassel Statement Earrings

For a girly and discreet look add a simple pair of nude tassel earrings to your look[/caption]

Featuring "Boho Tassel Statement Earrings"

Why don’t you try something a little unconventional for your everyday looks like these remarkable tassel earrings? So tasteful and effortless to style.

13. Hippie art deco necklace for an artistic spirited looks

If you have many boho inspired tops with V-necks or a scooped neckline, then you can give a twist to your look by adding a boho art deco statement necklace that will show off your artistic spirit.

Silver Statement Necklace, Hair Goals

Transform your casual outfits into a free-spirited and trendy look by adding an art deco statement necklace

Featuring "Art Deco Style Statement Necklace"

The art deco necklaces look so magical and artsy that there is no doubt that your outfit will instantly turn into a trendy boho-inspired style. To complete your boho look throw on a fringed vest or kimono and you are all set with a very artistic and adventurous outfit.

14. Add a gypsy wrap choker to your outfit for a stylish boho look

Jewelry made from natural products like leather or suede that are of earthy brown or sandy settled tones are very popular among the boho inspired trend like the gypsy wrap chokers. If you prefer you can always get yourself a black wrap choker that you can easily match with any of your outfits.

Velvet Wrap Choker

Velvet wrap chokers are great for a boho-inspired looks


Get Similar Necklace here.

These pieces are great because there are so many options you can style them on your neck. 

Wrap Choker with Pendant

Add a personal touch to your hippie style by adding a wrap choker with a pendant

source unknown

For personal touch you can add a pendant to your wrap choker that could reflect your spirit and character.

The boho style is very trendy right now and we can spot many celebrities rocking the style. Simply add a wrap choker, some ankle boots and a top with gypsy inspired motifs to accomplish the desired look.

Wrap Choker with Velvet Boots for Boho Style
Pair up your wrap choker with some velvet boots and round glasses for a trendy boho style

15. For an elegant boho style add a tribal statement necklace

Bold detailed necklaces are great to make a statement to your outfit. They can transform your look within seconds without much effort.

An outstanding necklace such as the tribal statement necklace could be great for the ladies who like chic boho styles for their dressy or casual everyday outfits.

Tribal Statement Necklaces

"Give a twist to your ordinary outfit by adding a tribal statement necklace

Featuring "Tribal Boho Statement Necklace"

Make your ordinary outfits special by adding a statement necklace.

16. Animal pendant necklaces are great for a symbolic and meaningful wear

Animal inspired necklaces with pendants are widespread among the boho jewelry because they represent some sort of symbolism to the person who wears them.

Animal Pendant Necklace, Silver Rings

Jazz up your casual or beach wears with an animal pendant necklace for a whimsical look

Via Pinterest

These type of necklaces are great for a casual or beachy look.

20 ways to wear boho inspired jewelry - summer times, gif

17. Coin pendant necklaces are the perfect add-on for casual wears

Delicate Coined Necklace, Layered Necklace
Delicate coined necklaces and casual outfits for a girly look

source unknown

Hidden meanings behind a piece of  jewelry like the coined necklace are always very interesting to wear. In fact, they could be a great conversation starter. A delicate golden coin necklace added to your outfit would make it very feminine and suitable for everyday casual wears.

Delicate Golden Necklace with Coin Pendant, White Top

Wear a delicate golden necklace with a coin pendant with your boho-inspired outfits


19. Wear a bold and detailed silver coin statement bib necklace for a full tribal look

In contrast to the single coined delicate piece, the silver bohemian statement necklace can definitely jazz up your outfit in a very outstanding way. It is great with collared shirts or scooped necklines to balance out the length of your top.

Silver Statement Necklace with Collared Shirt

Add a coined statement bib necklace to your collared shirt for a dressy look

Featuring "Boho Bohemian Statement Necklace"

You can easily get a touch of the bohemian lifestyle just by adding such a beautiful and powerful coined necklace to your everyday looks.

Statement necklace with dressed up outfit

Bold detailed coined necklaces with dressed up outfits for a preppy style


This fuller look is great to be worn with casual or dressy looks. You can always add a fedora hat to freshen up your overall outfit.

20. Wrap your body in delicate body chains for an original and distinguishable look

Over accessorizing your body with jewelry is very characteristic to the boho fashion style and the best way you can do it is by wrapping your body with delicate chains that can give your look originality. Bold or delicate body chains would look mind-blowing on your body, especially after sunbathing because they will stand out right away. 

Body Chains

Add a body chain to your beach wear for a distinctive and original look


Body chains are great for open tops or crop tops that we can wrap them around our naked skin. They are elegant and discreet, but at the same time a very original way to complete your look.

You can always add an arm cuff or leg cuff to top off this stunning embellished wear.

Cuff Arms and Body Chains, Boho-Inspired Look

Cuff arms and body chains are the perfect add-on to your boho-inspired look

Left: source; right: via Pinterest

Don’t you just love this elegant and fashionable look? Escape the ordinary by wrapping your body in these phenomenal pieces.

The bohemian hippie influences are very magical and artistic. If you want to step out of the ordinary simply indulge yourself into some boho free-spirited vibes! Make your appearance a piece of art by showing off your creativity and individual taste for fashion.

Hopefully this was informative and interesting!

Enjoy your styling!

Wishing you to have a very hippie day! 🙂

20 ways to wear boho style jewelry - let the advneture begin


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