Snake Chain Jewelry

Made up from small, curved metal plates instead of traditional round links, Snake Chain Jewelry is smooth, bendable, and most of all, doesn’t snag. Discover the unique style below.

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Snake chains are immediately recognizable thanks to their distinct form that is composed of round, smooth metal plates all joined together to create a flexible tube, giving the appearance of a serpent’s skin. This style is sometimes called an Omega or Brazilian chain, but is most commonly known as a snake chain.

Because this type of chain isn’t made up of separate round links like most other traditional chain styles (for example, rope chain, cable chain, Cuban, Figaro, and Rolo chain), the snake chain is known for its strength, its durability, and its flexibility. Lacking sharp edges or joins that can easily snag, snake chains are a popular choice to wear with sliding pendants as they can move along the chain uninterrupted. Snake chains also almost always close with a clasp, which, because there are no individual links to attach it to, is soldered onto the end.

Our collection of Snake Chain Jewelry features smooth, shiny, and bendable pieces and includes a number of different styles: single strand bracelets, choker necklaces, longer necklaces, and layered necklaces where the snake chain style is paired with another style of chain.

If you’re after a contemporary variation of a traditional chain, one that is still elegant and subtle, this is a good option. Adding a snake chain to your outfit is an easy way to add instant texture, and sparkle, due to its ‘scale-like’ surface that catches, and reflects light easily.

Snake chains are suitable to be worn alone, their flat, thick shape creating a subtle statement, or can be layered together with other thin chains, either on the wrist (bracelets), or around the neck (necklaces). Another way to experiment with this style of chain is to wear it layered up in alternating colors (silver, gold, or rose gold) to form a two, or three-tone look.

In short, this style is perfect for someone wanting a slightly different type of chain with which they can pair their favorite pendants, big or small, or for anyone wanting to try a new look that is youthful and elegant at the same time. We hope you’ll try the unique snake chain style out for yourself!