Ear Cuff Earrings

Do you like to wear ear cuff earrings? In today’s blog post you will be able to learn how you can style different types of ear cuff earrings or crawlers and how to combine them with your outfits depending on the occasion.

In addition, ear cuff earrings are so remarkable and such statement pieces that you don’t really need to add other accessories, but there is always room for more.

Ear cuff earrings, yellow flower

Give interest to any of your styles with a pair of ear cuff earrings

Asymmetrical Ear Cuff Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Regardless of their size, shininess or appearance you can still rock your ear cuff earrings with casual looks. This is a great way to make your basics more interesting and dazzling.

However, all the glam ladies could also take advantage of this jewelry trend because they are just perfect for an elegant night out look.

ear cuff earrings, trending.gif

I hope that you will enjoy these styling tips and ideas about wearing ear cuff earrings. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think about in the comment section below and feel free to share your favorite ways of styling your ear cuffs.

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1. Make your casuals cooler with ear cuffs

For most of us casual looks are a must have in our wardrobe because we want to feel comfortable. However, now you can instantly transform your basics by adding ear cuff earrings that are such a trendy and remarkable jewelry pieces for this season. They look so chic and cool no matter of your look.

Casual look, wear cuff earrings

In addition to your casual look wear ear cuff earrings

Via Pinterest

The sparkling elements of the ear cuffs are simply so exceptional and outstanding compared to many other earrings. Therefore you will easily make your plain outfits more interesting and eye-catching.

Ear cuff earrings, casual looks
Ear cuff earrings and casual looks are a great combo


In addition, you can still pair your ear cuff earrings with other jewelry pieces to make your accessories stand out. This is a great way to enhance your old clothes and make them many times cooler and prettier.

Sparkle ear cuff earrings
Give an extra sparkle to your look!

Glitter and Glitz Ear Cuff by Happiness Boutique

Here is a pair of ear cuff earrings from Happiness Boutique that is very appropriate for casual looks. This pair is not very chunky, yet it’s got what it takes to make your looks so trendy and dazzling. Don’t hesitate to take a look at them!

2. Glam up your elegant outfits with ear cuff earrings

For all the ladies that have special events or celebrations coming up, these ear cuff earrings will instantly glam up even more your elegant and chic looks. The sparkling effect that reflects the light is just so captivating and eye-catching. 

Glam dress, wear cuff earrings

In addition to your glam dress wear ear cuff earrings

Via Pinterest

No matter of your hairstyle you can effortlessly rock these babies and show your diva side. Also, you can pair this circle ear cuff with dressy trousers, elegant dresses and even wedding dresses if you are a bride to be.

Sparkling ear cuff earrings
For a glam look wear sparkling ear cuff earrings


Although ear cuff are pretty remarkable, they could be styled in a very discreet and feminine way. It all depends on your hairstyle, makeup and outfit. Of course, don’t forget to act as a true lady while you wear these jewelry pieces because you will definitely receive many stares and compliments.

Dazzling earrings, ear cuff earrings Any of these dazzling earrings will glam up your outfit

Left: Asymmetrical  Ear Cuff Earrings; Right: Angelic Feather Crystal Ear Crawlers in Silver

By Happiness Boutique

Whether you decide to go for ear cuff or ear crawlers, both have a very unique and outstanding design. In case that you want to add a similar pair of earrings to your jewelry collection, feel free to check out these pairs from Happiness Boutique.

3. Be daring with a pair of trendy ear cuff earrings

Some ladies like to show their diva and wild side through clothes and accessories. The ear cuff earrings are the perfect accessory to do so. They are big and look so amazing. You can find many different designs so if you like color, chunky earrings, sparkling and glam earrings - there will be no problem.

Ear cuff earrings, neon dress

Stay fashionable with a pair of ear cuffs

Via Pinterest

Ear cuffs could be worn any time of the ear and you can dress them up or down. Although they have their own charm and statement appearance you can perfectly style them with colorful and printed outfits. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your newest and trendy jewelry pieces.

Shiny ear cuffs, fashionista
For a daring look wear shiny ear cuffs

Source Unknown

Furthermore, to achieve a more daring look try to add a darker lipstick and some shades. For example, you can wear your ear cuff earrings with a pair of jeans, high heels and a fitted top.

Asymmetrical ear cuffs In addition to your clothes add a pair of asymmetrical ear cuffs

Asymmetrical Ear Crawler Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Here is a pair of asymmetrical earrings from Happiness Boutique that is great for all the the diva ladies that like to be a little more daring.

4. Wear over sized ear cuffs for a remarkable style

For a super trendy, yet striking look you can wear on over accessorized ear cuff. With these you definitely don’t need any other accessories because they are so bold and sparkling. In addition, you can jazz up any of your looks with a chunky pair of earrings.

Oversized ear cuff earrings

Be daring with a pair of oversized earrings

Via Pinterest

Feel free to leave your hair up or down with such an earring. It is completely enough to accessorize your whole look without adding other jewelry pieces.

Plus, you can wear printed outfits because this ear cuff earrings is not in color therefore you can play around with different colors, especially in the spring and summer times.

Oversized ear cuff earrings
Show your passion for fashion with a pair of oversized ear cuff earrings

Via Pinterest

If you want to revamp your oldies these earrings are the perfect option for that purpose. They are trendy, different and absolutely dazzling. In addition, if you want to take your look to the next level you can add a statement bracelet to go with your bold earring.

5. Chic outfits and ear cuffs & crawlers for a cool elegant look

To achieve an elegant look you can also take advantage of the ear cuff earrings. They look great with dressy outfits or fitted dress. In addition, you can use them as your special occasion go-to accessory because it will definitely jazz up your chic outfits.

Ear cuffs, ear crawlers

In addition to your elegant look wear ear cuffs or ear crawlers

Source Unknown

Even though ear cuff may look as if made only for the young and hip audience they could also be easily styled with more elegant and sophisticated looks.

For example, try to get yourself a jewelry piece with tiny rhinestones on it to make your elegant outfit even more glam and chic.

Ear cuffs with pendants
Ear cuffs with pendants look so amazing and interesting

Via Pinterest

These jewelry pieces could be paired up with a fitted blazer, chic top and elegant trousers or skinny jeans. As for the shoes, it is up to your own preferences and style to decide whether you want to add length to your outfit or not.

Wing ear crawlers
In addition to your daily styles wear wing ear crawlers

Golden Wings Ear Crawler  by Happiness Boutique

Here is an ear crawler, which is obviously not an ear cuff, but the main difference between both is that ear cuff is supposed to cover the outer edge of the ear whereas ear crawlers are more delicate and conservative. However, they are perfect for the elegant and professional ladies who prefer a more discreet way to accessorize their outfits.

6. Ear cuff earrings appropriate for professional outfits

The circle ear cuff are also delicate pieces, which could be paired up with other earrings if you want to achieve a more unique and individual style. The unusual simplicity of this ear cuff is a perfect add-on for the busy working ladies. 

Subtle ear crawlers

For the wearing ladies – a pair of subtle ear crawlers


In this however it is better to let your clothes to be monochrome so you don’t end up tacky and distracting, especially at work. To make your accessories even more invisible and delicate simply wear your hair down and just a slight glow of the ear cuff will be shown as you move your head.

Ear cuffs
In addition to your professional outfit wear ear cuffs

Via Pinterest

If you decide to go for a rose gold or gold ear cuff or ear crawler and you want to add a necklace, it is better to wear a necklace that matches in color with your ear accessory. The reason for that is again you don’t want to have too many colors, patterns and prints when you work unless your job allows it.

7. Ear cuffs with crystals for an urban cool look

Many girls would probably have doubts when it comes to daily styling and crystals and rhinestones. However, these crystal ear cuff are a great way to brighten one’s look and day in general. There is no doubt that you will get many compliments just by wearing your trendy ear addition.

Crystal ear cuffs

Give interest to your casuals with a pair of crystal ear cuffs

Crystal Wings Ear Crawlers by Happiness Boutique

You can wear this crystal earring with a super casual plaid top or any other top of your choice in combination with a pair of jeans. This very easy to style jewelry piece is a great solution to all your boring outfits or dull days.

Ear cuffs with crystals
Ear cuffs with crystals look so lavish and rick in texture

Via Pinterest

Or, you can accessorize your ear in a stacked way for an unforgettable and trendy style. You can find ear cuffs with dainty chain hanging from your ear, which makes this style even more cooler and stylish. It could be a challenge to combine only statement earrings, but it is definitely possible.

Ear cuffs
Ear cuffs could be so appropriate for your everyday styles

 Via Pinterest

Ear cuffs and crawlers in many different and interesting shapes so you can select a shape and design to go with your own fashion style. The unlimited options gives the freedom to get creative and unique with our looks, therefore don’t hesitate to experiment with different styles.

Ear crawlers
For a remarkable look wear any of these two ear crawlers

Left: Crystal Wings Ear Crawlers; Right: Forget Me Not Flowers Cluster Ear Crawlers

By Happiness Boutique

These two pairs of ear crawlers in this case from Happiness Boutique have very interesting and glowing appearance. If you want an edgy cool look try the crystal wings ear crawler, which is great when in combination with a graphic tee.

On the other hand, the flowers cluster ear crawlers is so feminine, yet sparkling so all the girly girls could enhance their looks even more.

8. Give a pop of color to your style with trendy ear cuffs

If you like your monochromes meaning black on black in the winter and white in the summer, then you need to jazz them up with a super trendy and stylish colorful ear cuffs. They will definitely steal the show with their different and outstanding shapes and great colors.

Greenl ear cuff

Splash a pop of color to your clothes with a colorful ear cuff

Via Pinterest

For example, you can wear this green ear cuff with your white and black looks, but you can match it to the color palette of your clothes as well.

It is just as good with elegant outfits as with super casual looks. Therefore, you can have a very dazzling, yet versatile piece added to your jewelry collection.

Turquoise ear cuff earrings
In addition to your outfit wear colorful ear cuff earrings

Source unknown

Here is a turquoise ear cuff that is combined with an all white outfit and it really stands out from your clothes. However, feel free to wear this kind of colorful ear cuff with boho inspired looks or with your day to day outfits to make them prettier.

Colorful ear cuffs
Colorful ear cuffs look so modern and eye-catching

Petal Starlight Ear Crawler with Clip On Cuff by Happiness Boutique

This ear crawlers with a clip on cuff from Happiness Boutique has a slight touch of color, but at the same time very settled and beautiful. It is a pretty versatile and eye-catching ear accessory that will add instant interest to all of your outfits.

Ear cuff earrings, fashionista
Be fashionable, be trendy, wild & free

Via Pinterest

Finally, I hope that you enjoyed these styling tips and ways of wearing these super trendy and outstanding jewelry pieces. The ear cuff earrings are so hot and stylish that there is no doubt that you will end up with a boring outfit. What do you think? :)

ear cuff earrings, wink wink.gif

In addition, feel free to leave a comment in the section below and share your favorite ways of styling the ear cuff earrings. Also, don’t hesitate to share, which types of ear cuff earrings do you like the best. Yay!

Thank you & Happy Styling!

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