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Interview with Maria Boman

Maria Interview with Maria Boman

First of all please tell us your name:

My name is Maria Boman

What do you do at Happiness Boutique?

I work as a makeup artist

As a makeup artist you must spend a lot of time talking to people and making them feel good. Do you have any secrets tricks or tips you use to make your models feel happy and comfortable?

Applying make up on somebody else is actually quite intimate. I think it's important to respect the intimacy barrier you cross when touching someone else, especially someone’s hair and face. I always try to be relaxed and ask a lot of questions when meeting a new model. It's more fun to get to know the person you are working with, I don't want to feel like a stranger, and I think it usually makes people feel more comfortable chit chatting than just sitting there in silence.When working with new faces every day you have to see and understand everyone's unique features, and giving compliments definitely works as well! I think we should all give each other more compliments over all!

Also what do you do to stay happy?

I absolutely love taking baths. I also always prioritize good sleep, most nights I try to sleep at least 8 hours or more. Like a true granny 😉 I definitely think it helps me stay more happy and less grumpy though!

Can you tell us about a time when someone cheered you up or surprised you with something nice when you least expected it?

Any time my partner buys me hummus.

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