Pearl Drop Earrings

Whenever you want to feel confident, elegant, classic, yet modern - wear pearl drop earrings. They look so glam, but still appropriate for casual looks. In addition, you can wear them to your most unforgettable moments like your wedding day or prom night. These earrings are so versatile and beautiful.

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In today’s blog post we will explore the different ways we can wear our favorite pearl drop earrings and what type of earrings we can wear to style your outfit properly. Hopefully, this blog will be informative and interesting for you.

Pearl drop earrings

Pearl drop earrings are always a good idea

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1. Chain pearl drop earrings for a chic look

Earrings with pearl accents always look very elegant and chic. In addition, you can wear similar earrings with cute dresses, elegant night out dresses, dressy trousers and shirt or with fashionable everyday looks.

These chain drop earrings will gently sway back and forth as you walk and give your look an extra interest.

Pearl chain earrings

In addition to your fashionable looks wear pearl chain earrings


In addition, it is very easy to pair these earrings with other jewelry pieces because they are quite delicate. Or, you an stack them with other earrings if you want a more accessorized look. You can add to your collection some fake piercing if you don’t have pierced ears.

Chain earrings with pearls look very feminine and stylish

Chain earrings with pearls look very feminine and stylish

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Furthermore, feel free to style your hair in a bun for an elegant style or leave your hair down for a more easy going appearance. Both ways will look very appropriate and stylish. Also, off-the-shoulder tops are very cute with such long and delicate pearl drop earrings.

Pearl drop earrings
Be fashionable and feminine by wearing pearl drop earrings

Faux Pearl Drop Earrings by Happiness Boutique

These chain earrings with pearl accents are very modern and popular at the moment. You can purchase these from Happiness Boutique. They look great with all kinds of outfits, which makes them super versatile and fashionable.

2. Wedding pearl drop earrings for an unforgettable special day look

As soon as spring and summer arrive, we know it is wedding time. Many couples prefer to get married in these times because it is warmer and people feel more festive and alive. That being said, it is important to mention that pearl earrings are a big consideration for all the brides to be.

Prop pearl earrings, wedding looks, wedding gown

For your special day wear drop pearl earrings

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Pearls have always been a good choice for the brides to be. Also, the reason for that is that these jewelry pieces look so classy, elegant and go well with almost all types of wedding dresses. They will accentuate your chicness and elegance within seconds.

In addition to your wedding dress wear pearl drop earrings
In addition to your wedding dress wear pearl drop earrings

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These pearl drop earrings could go with simple or detailed dresses. They could even be paired with flats or heels depending on your own preferences and comfort.

Feel free to add other jewelry pieces to your look such as a bracelet, necklaces or rings. They could also have pearl accents or just plain silver, gold or rose gold.

Pearl drop earrings Any of these two pairs of earrings will make your wedding dress more stylish

Left: Opulent Pearl Drop Earrings in Gold; Right: Princess Darling Statement Earrings

By Happiness Boutique

Here are two pairs of dangling drop earrings with pearl accents from Happiness Boutique. These two pairs are definitely appropriate for a wedding dress. They will accessorize your special day in a very elegant way.

3. Modern pearl drop earrings for a cool look

These days wearing asymmetrical or mismatched is very popular as much as wearing hoop earrings. In addition, you can easily combine them with your daily outfits or with more night out looks. In addition, these earrings look very futuristic because of their design. 

Asymmetrical drop earrings, chain choker

Wear asymmetrical drop earrings in addition to your fashionable style

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Also, feel free to jazz up your casual shirt with jeans outfit or your professional looks. Although these earrings are long and statement pieces, they are still very appropriate for the office. Any pair of earrings with pearls is simply good for almost all of our looks.

Pearl drop earrings
Bring outfit to the next level with a pair of pearl drop earrings

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The best thing about these earrings is definitely their interesting design. A beautiful mixture of hoop earrings combined with a chain pearl drop earrings.

It looks very stylish and you can wear similar earrings with sandals or cute flat ballerinas for a comfy wear or you can style them with heels or wedges in order to give your look height.

Give a try to this pair of asymmetrical earrings for a cool look
Give a try to this pair of asymmetrical earrings for a cool look

Pearl Asymmetric Earrings by Happiness Boutique

For all the ladies that like asymmetrical earrings with pearls, then these double hoops from Happiness Boutique could be a great option. They look very sleek and modern.

4. Delicate pearl earrings for an elegant style

If you happen to love to wear more elegant, feminine and chic outfits, then these following styling tips could be helpful. For example, a pair of triple drop ball pearl earrings in combination with a pearl layered necklace is a great embellishment for your elegant outfits.

Delicate pearl drop earrings, pearl necklace, pearl jewelry

Delicate pearl drop earrings are always in style

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In addition, feel free to add a pearl statement ring to complete this classy and feminine style. Try to wear these amazing pearl jewelry pieces with your hair down and you can even make big curls to go back in time where women used to wear a lot of pearls and make cute hairstyle.

Delicate pearl drop earrings
For an easy going look wear delicate pearl drop earrings

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However, it is possible to match your pearl drop earrings with a silver or golden dainty chain necklace with a pendant. Also, don’t be afraid to bring your hair down without making any hairstyles. This is the options for the ladies who prefer to have an easy going elegant look.

5. Pearl ear jackets for a cool urban look

Another way to show your love the classy pearls is by wearing a pearl ear jackets. These earrings are not necessarily drop earrings but they are a great idea if you want to make an impression with your  outfit. Very comfortable, eye-catching and on-trend right now.

For an urban cool look wear pearl ear jackets

For an urban cool look wear pearl ear jackets


Ear jackets could be perfect for all types of ladies. It is possible to wear them with floral dresses, fashionable outfits or to rock them to the office.

In addition, feel free to style them with day to day looks or with night out glam outfits. These jewelry pieces are very versatile and a must have for this season.

Pearl ear jackets, pearl jewelry, fashionista
In addition to your outfit wear pearl ear jackets

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Furthermore, ear jackets are so easy to match with other jewelry pieces or other pearl accessories. The best thing about pearls is that there is never such a thing as too much pearls.

You can wear a pearl necklace, pearl bracelet or a stack of pearl rings and still look very elegant and chic. Plus, pearl never go out of style.

Ear jackets, pearl earrings
Any of these two pairs of ear jackets will enhance your outfits

Left: Pearl Ear Jackets; Right:Dita Von Teese Pearl Fan Ear Jackets

By Happiness Boutique

Any of these two pairs of ear jackets with pearl elements from Happiness Boutique could embellish any of your looks in a very interesting way. Also, you will be certain to have a timeless piece of jewelry in your collection.

6. Pearl hoop earrings for a stylish look

Hoop earrings became a huge trend lately, therefore what a better way to accessorize your look than a pair of hoop earrings with pearl pendants or pearl embellishment all over the hoops. The design of the hoop earrings look very girly, yet modern and stylish. 
Hoop earrings with pearl
Hoop earrings with pearl look very luxurious

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Ladies of all age groups or occupations could take advantage of these amazing and sleek earrings. Regardless of their size, hoop earrings with pearls look so classy, especially when you combine them with chic outfits. For example, a floral blouse or dressy shirt paired with trousers.

Pearl hoop earrings
For a remarkable style wear pearl hoop earrings

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Or, a trendy and fresh top that is more girly is also a great way to match your earrings. These earrings could be worn with your hair up or down because they are so adjustable. You can style them according to your preferences with no effort.

7. Pearl chandelier earrings for a playful style

Chandelier earrings are so rich in texture, detailed and precious. They will gently dangle as you walk around and give a fuller look to your style.

When wearing chandelier earrings you don’t need to add any other jewelry pieces since these are pretty statement and bold. Yet, it is up to you because as mentioned before we could never have too much pearls.

Statement earrings, Chandelier pearl earrings

Make a statement with a pair of chandelier pearl earrings

Princess Glam Statement Earrings by Happiness Boutique

For a super glam style you can add to your collection a pair of pearl chandelier earrings with rhinestones. These earrings are great for special occasions, celebrations or gala nights. In addition, they will give your outfit a touch of femininity and fanciness.

Chandelier pearl earrings
Chandelier pearl earrings look very remarkable no matter of your style

Pearl Chandelier Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Based on the design of the pearl chandelier earrings, you can wear them with no effort with your daily looks as well. For example, these earrings from Happiness Boutique have a rather subtle appearance, which makes them perfect for more casual occasions.

Chandelier pearl drop earrings, pearl earrings
In addition to your outfit add a pair of chandelier pearl drop earrings

Royal Pearl Chandelier Earrings in Silver by Happiness Boutique

Or, these chandelier earrings from Happiness Boutique, which have a big accent on the pearls that looks so classy and contemporary. Pearl earrings could have a very modern design, no matter that most of us associate them with rather glam or retro classy outfits.

In fact, many ladies like to wear them on a daily basis with professional or casually chic outfits. Therefore, don’t be afraid to rock these babies daily.

8. Pearl drop earrings appropriate for a red carpet inspired event

Of course, pearl drop earrings are always a great option for a glam night out event. They are such timeless classy pieces that will decorate any of your chic and elegant dresses. They could be paired with off-the-shoulder dresses, thin strapped dresses or even dresses with sleeves.

Dangle pearl drop earrings

For your special occasions wear dangle pearl drop earrings

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In addition, if you happen to decide to go for these kind of earrings, then you don’t need to worry about the detailing or prints of your dress. Pearl drop earrings could be worn with all kinds of dresses because of their delicate and classy appearance.

For your red carped inspired looks wear pearl earrings
For your red carped inspired looks wear pearl earrings

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These earrings are also great for prom nights. If you don’t want to be very classy at your prom you can then get yourself a more open and revealing dress. For example, a dress with a deep V-neck or open back. In this case, it is possible to wear your hair up or down because the earrings are big enough to show even with your hair down.

Delicate pearl earrings
In addition to your chic and elegant looks wear delicate pearl earrings

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Feel free to accessorize your glam and fashionable red carpet inspired look with delicate dangle pearl earrings or long statement earrings. Both types of earrings are suitable for this kind of look.

9. Pearl drop tassel earrings for a fashionable look

For the summer what a better way to accessorize our looks than a pair of tassel earrings with pearl elements. Tassel earrings are so popular right now, therefore it is definitely a must have for the season, and especially for the summer.

Tassel earrings with pearls look very fashionable

Tassel earrings with pearls look very fashionable


You can find so many different kinds and colors of tassel earrings to go with your style. They could be very bold or subtle. The best thing about the tassel earrings is that their colorful designs will definitely put a smile on your face and jazz up any of your looks.

Tassel earrings with pearls
In addition to your girly looks wear tassel earrings with pearls

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In addition, tassel earrings are appropriate to be worn daily or nightly. You can style them with your summer festive or boho looks, yet it is possible to embellish very elegant outfits as well.

Feel free to wear them with your super casual looks to make them more fashionable or even with your beach wear. They are so awesome!

Finally, I hope you enjoyed these styling tips and ideas about pearl drop earrings. Pearl will never go out of style, therefore you can never go wrong with such jewelry pieces. In addition, they are so versatile and adjustable according to your own fashion style.

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Thank you & Happy Styling!

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