How to Style Pearl Jewelry

How to style pearl jewelry? If you thought that pearls are only for the high-class then keep reading further because in this blog post you can learn how to style your pearl jewelry in many different cool ways.

Pearls look very elegant and stylish, yet you can style them in a more casual or even funky ways.


Pearls could never go out of style

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We can see pearls in contemporary, chic, casual or dressy looks. They are great to show your inner elegance, but at the same time you can experiment with them and make your looks rather casual and relaxed.

Let us begin exploring some very cool and interesting ways to wear pearl jewelry!

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1. Chokers with pearls for a fashionable and trendy look

Chokers with pearls look so trendy and fashionable when styled with any of your looks. We have seen the choker trend getting so much popularity and there is a reason why. Chokers are great to make your outfit more trendy and fashionable, yet the pearl pendant looks so elegant and just enough to complete the look.

Pearl chokers

In addition to your chunky sweater wear a pearl choker for a trendy look

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Simple and delicate chokers are great for every look. You can pair them with easy-going or trendy looks because their discreteness allows you to match them with any of your styles.

Detailed top with pearl choker
Wear a detailed top in addition to a pearl choker for a fashionable look

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2. Pearl ear jackets for a girly look

Don’t hesitate on trying this cool, yet girly look because it will definitely get some compliments. Also, you can accessorize your ears with some in style ear jackets with interesting shapes and symbolic pendants to represent your persona. They are great for monochrome or simple outfits that will turn into very stylish and trendy looks.

Pearl ear jacket

For a girly look combine a pearl ear jacket with more feminine outfits


If you have a couple of holes in your ear you can try to stack different kinds of earrings with pearl elements or just a simple pearl studs combined with a pearly ear jacket. It looks so fresh and eye-catching.

Pearly ear jackets for dressy outfit
Dressy outfits and pearly ear jackets for a girly look


You can wear this pearly ear jacket with dressy or funky outfits because this piece is capable of adapting to any of your looks. However, if you want to stick to this girly and elegant look you can add a red lipstick to top it off.

Ear jackets with pearl accents
Ear jackets with pearl accents for an ultimate trendy look

Left: Pearl Fan Ear Jackets; Right: Pearl Ear Jackets

If you like this look make sure to add some really cool girly and elegant subtle pearl ear jackets or pearl fan ear jackets to your jewelry collection. These ones are from Happiness Boutique and they can be suitable for any lady and any style.

3. Double ball pearls for a trendy look

You have probably seen these front and back ball earrings but you didn’t know that they are called double ball earrings. They look just like a normal stud earring, yet we can see that there is a ball on both sides of the ear, which makes them very unique and special to look at.

Pearl earrings

Double ball pearl earrings for a stylish look

Simplicity Pearl Earrings by Happiness Boutique

These front and back are great with simple or detailed outfits because of their simplicity and delicateness. If you are interested in this look you can also get them in black matte, hot pink matte or pastel pink from Happiness Boutique. No matter of the color they will give you the needed elegance to complete your look or a pop of color to your monochrome outfits.

Pearl earrings
Front and back earrings for your casual styles

Front and Back Pearl Earrings by Happiness Boutique

As you can see these earrings are perfect for any outfit and any hairstyle. You can wear them to school and make a messy bun or to work and have a nice and neat ponytail where you can show them. It is always nice to have a pair of delicate earrings, yet fashionable to jazz up your outfit. Or, just to be able to put together your outfit in seconds.

4. Fashionable earrings with pearl elements for an edgy look

If you want to attract attention with your look, then make sure to  add some edgy and interesting earrings with pearls to your outfit. For example, a pair of ear crawlers or ear cuff that you can combine with a choker and a set of stacking rings to complete your edgy and fearless style.

Pearl earrings with pearl necklace

Escape the ordinary style by accessorizing with fashionable pearl earrings


Even though these earring may look subtle and fine they can truly make your look unique and special because of these shapes and original way of combining them together. Also, you can a metallic choker with pearl elements on it to highlight your love for the pearls. As you can notice it doesn’t look tacky or tasteless.

Oversized earrings with pearl elements

Oversized earrings with pearl elements for a top fashionista look

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Also, you can stack different kinds of earring to make as statement as well, just make sure to have at least one pearl element in order for you to achieve a similar look.

Crystal ear crawlers with pearls
Crystal ear crawlers with pearls for a stylish look

Smokey Pearl and Crystal Ear Crawler by Happiness Boutique

If you are already obsessed with this out of the box cool look make sure to check out this stunning smokey pearl and crystal ear crawler  from Happiness Boutique because it will definitely make a statement to your overall outfit.

5. Glamorous pearl necklaces for a professional look

If you want to rock your pearls to work there is no problem because they are very appropriate for the working environment.

Professional outfit and pearl necklace

Professional attires and glam pearl necklaces for a stylish look


You can also combine your dressy collared shirt or professional attire with a chunky pearl necklace to make a statement. It looks very elegant and stylish, especially if you match it with your handbag. Great idea style for the fall season!

Pearl statement necklaces
In addition to working outfits accessorize with a pearl statement necklace

Pearl Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

Shorter pearl necklaces are great for neat clothes that you can go to work with. Also, they will give a little color and interest to your style. They look very refined and graceful even when you pair them with rather casual outfits.

6. Layered pearl necklaces for a preppy look

You can wear this type of necklace with a dressy collared shirt and you can add some simple stud earrings to complete this look. If you want to try and achieve this preppy look you need to focus on layered pearl necklaces. Furthermore, they give a perfect balance to your look.

Layered pearl necklace

In addition to your preppy style wear a layered pearl necklace

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This look is great for school or important meetings because pearls always give neatness and confidence to our outfits.

Pearl necklace
A chunky pearl necklace and fitted outfits for a preppy look

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You can combine your pearl necklace with a matching bracelet or a watch for an extra professional looking outfit. In addition, this is an easy, yet very stylish way to prepare yourself for your meetings or events.

Chunky pearl necklace
In addition to your collared shirt wear a chunky pearl necklace

Pearl and Diamond Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

Don’t hesitate to wear your pearl statement necklace without a sweater because either way it looks very sophisticated and graceful. Pearls are a synonym to class and taste, therefore you can never go wrong with a pair of pearl earrings, necklace or rings.

Pearl Statement Necklace
Wear a pearl statement necklaces with your dressy looks

Pearl Galaxy Statement Necklace by Happiness Boutique

If you got inspired to recreate this look make sure to check out this similar necklace offered by Happiness Boutique because a woman can never have a pearl statement necklace that would never be worn. Also, there are always ways to make your pearls stand out. Plus, they just never go out of fashion.

7. Long necklaces with pearls for a balanced look

Don’t you just love the way this long necklace balances out the outfits. Sometimes all we need to top off our look is a necklace and as you can notice pearls never look as too much in an outfit.

Long pearl necklace

Add dimension to your look with a long pearl necklace

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Also, pearl necklaces are so lightweight and comfortable to wear. You can rock this style when going out with friends, during shopping or special events and meetings. This timeless piece adds a personal character and interest to your look.

Dressed up outfits and long pearl necklace

In addition to dressed up outfits wear long pearl necklaces for a stylish and elegant look

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Besides from being very lasting, pearls are ageless because they can look good on any lady no matter of her style, personality or age. And, whether you choose a single strand or layered pearl necklaces it will still appear very elegant and stylish.

8. Wear pearly rings for a sophisticated look

Who can say no to pearl rings? Some people are in love with the minimalist trend, which is absolutely stylish and modern. However, pearls, although detailed, they can never appear as over accessorized or tasteless. There is some particular mystery to them and maybe this is why they will always be as trendy and stylish as other types of fashion styles and the reason why we can’t say no to them.

Pearl rings

Elegant dress in addition to pearl rings for a stylish and romantic look


This is the ultimate sophisticated look because it looks very feminine and seductive. Also, you can mix and match your pearl rings with other types of rings to achieve another hottest trends, which is the stacking rings.

Pearly rings
Wear your pearly rings with elegant outfits for a sophisticated look


Or, you can add a single spiral rings with a pearl details for a perfect night-out or special event look. It would be very hard to turn your head the other way without noticing such a timeless and feminine style.

Different pearl rings for a fashionable and elegant style
Different pearl rings for a fashionable and elegant style

Statement Rings by Happiness Boutique

If you want to indulge yourself into some sophistication and elegance through some stylish pearl rings then you can check the collection of pearl rings from Happiness Boutique. As you can see you can choose from silver or gold, single pearls or a stack of them to achieve this amazing look. For example, you can combine a silver bells pearl ring on one hand and a pearl and rhinestone silver ring on the other for a very glowing and eye-catching look. Or, just add a gold pearl claw ring to your outfit for a noticeable look.

9. Elegant bracelets with pearl elements for a refined look

You don’t need big and chunky pieces to make a statement to you look. It is the way you wear it that it makes it more special and unique. For example, you can accessorize your outfit with a subtle minimalist cuff bracelet that has a single pearl and still make it appealing.

Pearl bracelet

Bracelets with pearl elements for a refined look

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This piece could be worn with dressy or easy-going outfits because it will suit any of your favorite looks.

Pearl bracelets
Pearl bracelets look so graceful and elegant no matter of your look


There is a reason why I mentioned that pearl are timeless. As you can notice they can be in every new trend that appears in the fashion magazines and worn by many celebrities and fashion blogger. Also, we see pearls in the minimalist trends, in the stacking trends and of course as the perfect classy pieces that are worn with grace and deluxe.

Vintage-inspired bracelets with pearls for an old-fashioned and original look Vintage-inspired bracelets with pearls for an old-fashioned and original look

Vintage Pearl Bracelet by Happiness Boutique

No matter of your style - modern, vintage, chic, casual or night-out, you can still make it work with a pearl bracelet. You can style this pearl jewelry with dresses or a simple tee with a pair of jeans. Make sure to check it out if you are interested in the look.

10. Stack your pearl jewelry with other jewelries for a trendy look

You are a fan of the stacking jewelry trend? There is no problem for you to combine your pearl jewelry, in this case a small delicate necklace with a pearl pendant, with other longer and shorter necklaces.

Pearl Necklace

In addition to your stack up jewelry wear a pearl choker

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This is a great style for all the fashionistas that want to show off their passion for fashion because this is the ultimate trendy style you are looking for. In addition, you can wear this look all year long just make sure to combine it with the appropriate neckline to highlight your jewels.

Pearl Necklace
Stack your pearl jewelry for a fashionable and remarkable look

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Even a timeless classy pearled choker could be styled with other necklaces for a balanced out trendy look.  This style is mainly worn with v-neck tops, but you can wear it with halter tops or scooped necklines. The stacked up trend is perfect for relaxed wears or for night-out, almost red carpet, looks that will emphasize your creativity and originality.

When stacking one’s necklaces we can always see the creation of the person, which could be so unique and original. If you are the artsy type of a lady don’t be reluctant to experiment with your new and old necklaces to create a truly unique design.

11. Pearl earrings for a romantic look

Pearl earrings could look so high-class and dressy when styled with an elegant dress. They are so romantic and could be the perfect add-on for your dinner with a date or family or for other special moments where you want to look your best.

Pearl earrings

In addition to your romantic look accessorize with pearl jewelry

Source unknown

You can style your pearl earrings with a beautiful and elegant hairdo to show them. They can gently dangle on your ear and give your look confidence and enchanting vibe.

Drop pearl earrings
In addition to romantic outfits wear pearl jewelry

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Drop pearl earrings are not like your statement earrings that you really need to take your time to style. In addition you can end up with a very trendy and fashionable look in just seconds by pairing your outfit with such timeless pieces.

Every woman needs a classy timeless pair of pearl earrings in her jewelry collection Every woman needs a classy timeless pair of pearl earrings in her pearl jewelry collection

Left: Drop Pearl Earrings; Right: Timeless Classy Pearl Earrings by Happiness Boutique

Finally, if you want to achieve a similar look, then you can check out these amazing and timeless pieces from Happiness Boutique. Enough pearl jewelry? Said no woman ever because even if these pieces sit in your jewelry box for years they would still find their way out to style one of your looks.

I hope this was inspiring for you! In addition, please leave a comment and let us know how do you like to style your pearl jewelry.

Thank you and have a fun time styling your favorite pieces!

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