Picking Statement Necklaces for Festivals

Summer is fast approaching and that means one thing: festival season! To make your festival outfit stand out from the crowd, make sure to wear some statement jewelry. Here’s a guide to help you when picking statement necklaces for festivals.

1. Prints

Print is always huge for festival season, and it’s important to pick a piece that will stand out among your outfit. With a high neckline you want to pick a necklace with a pop of color. This necklace is perfect because it plays on the subtle blue shades that are in the dress but the bright blue really draws the eye.

Statement necklace with printed dress

Chose a bright color to make your necklace stand out

Statement necklace with printed dress

Bright and chunky to break up print

{Featuring Ocean Blue Statement Necklace}

Lower necklines give you more choice when it comes to choosing a statement necklace. You can go with matching or contrasting necklaces, but make sure that they’re chunky and sparkly to draw the eye.

Statement necklace with printed dress

Clear and chunky for low necklines

{Featuring Gala Statement Necklace}

2. Florals

Another staple of festival fashion is the floral pattern. It comes in so many different forms and is easy to accessorize. Girly floral prints can easily be made edgier with a striking chic necklace. Layering two necklaces can add an urban element to an otherwise ultra-feminine look.

Statement necklace for floral pants

Layer necklaces to urbanize girly outfits

{Featuring Mystery Ancient Coins Statement Necklace & Free Spirit Statement Necklace}

For a large floral print on a dark base, a metal-toned necklace fits best. This allows the necklace to stand out against the dark background and it also won’t blend in with any of the colors.

Statement necklace with floral dress

Metallics go best with darker looks

{Featuring Stunning Silver Toned Statement Necklace}

Lastly, a floral print on a white background. When the floral print has a small number of contrasting colors, a necklace that includes new colors really catches the eye. The necklace here adds blues while complimenting the orange and greens that are in the jumpsuit.

Statement necklace with floral dress

Add new colors with a statement necklace

{Featuring Vintage-inspired Honeybee Statement Necklace}

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