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Cross My Mind

Cross My Mind

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This collection is dedicated to one of the most iconic, versatile and timeless symbols in jewelry: the forever-fashionable cross. Browse below to see some of its many variations.

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Traditionally a symbol of hope, love and faith, crosses have been popular in jewelry for centuries, and these days it’s no different. The cross is an enduring shape that still features heavily in today’s fashion trends around the globe.

It is a form that, because of its rich history, holds a certain amount of intrinsic beauty, elegance and value. But not only is the cross, or crucifix, an age-old embellishment, it has also proven that as an adornment, it can continue to be reinvented and stay looking up-to-the-minute and new. In short, this is a shape that will forever be on-trend.

And in this collection—Cross My Mind—we’ve gathered some of our favorite, special pieces that feature the cross symbol in a variety of ways. On these pages you’ll find everything from long chain necklaces featuring ornate cross pendants, inspired by antique religious iconography; layered necklaces embellished with graceful cross, star and crescent moon charms; small hoop earrings with tiny crucifixes dangling off them; and thin chain bracelets with dainty cross pendants attached to them.

You’ll also find youthful and more urban pieces of jewelry made of crosses: stylish choker necklaces comprising several tiny gold metallic cross-shaped pendants all linked together; contemporary huggie earrings with dazzling, zircon-encrusted crosses hanging from them; and in-vogue rings that are formed from sleek, interlocking cross forms.

As you can see, because the cross is such a timeless and classic shape, it can take many forms—and this collection displays a wide variety of them. Whether it’s a cross-adorned bracelet that is more subtle, and suited to everyday wear, or a larger and bolder cross that’s ready to make a confident fashion statement, Cross My Mind features countless iterations of the cross form.

So if you’re wanting to wear a cross as a cherished symbol of your faith, if you’re shopping for a heartfelt gift, or simply want to add a heavenly touch to your next outfit, you’ve come to the right place. This collection of cross-themed jewelry has something for everyone.