Whether it's for your wedding day, or to compliment a slogan tee, our unique pieces of jewelry will make you unforgettable. Express yourself with something from our exquisite range.


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People have been embellishing themselves with precious materials for a long time now. Adorning our bodies with silver, gold, rhinestones, feathers, beads and gems is an age old tradition, crossing over cultures and spanning generations. At Hey Happiness we see ourselves, and our jewelry, as a part of that tradition. We believe in the power of decoration and embellishment.

Our team of talented designers are constantly creating new and exciting pieces for you to express your mood, your culture, and your personality with. The jewelry in our online collection takes inspiration from contemporary art, abstract patterns, bold colours, experimental trends, modern styles, vintage details, ethnic diversity, and traditional romance.a

We of course feature many classic pieces, because they will never go out of fashion. There are timeless pearl drop earrings, rhinestone encrusted necklaces for weddings, glitzy earrings for prom night, and elegant bridesmaid jewelry.

For the lovers and poets we have eternity rings, delicate chain necklaces, bracelets laden with charms, thin hoop earrings, and stackable bands to line every finger. But don't think it stops there! We also are in love with bold shapes, festive colours, bright costume jewelry and unconventional pieces, and champion trying new things.

A major part of our jewelry collection are pieces for you to get playful with. Our designers love experimenting with new silhouettes and shapes, creating some truly original and unique designs. When you shop online with us you can find adventurous asymmetrical earrings, flirty chokers, cheeky ear jackets, eccentric ear crawlers, show stopping jewelry sets, and bold statement rings that you won't be able to find on the high-street.

And please don’t think for a minute think we offer standard, run-of-the-mill fashion jewelry! Our range features jewelry that is essential, experimental, exciting and eclectic. This is an extensive collection of unique jewelry that is constantly evolving and inspiring. And we passionately believe that our carefully chosen pieces will brighten your day and bring a bit of joy to your life. Wear something from our jewelry range, and you wear a bit of Happiness!