For those who prefer understated shapes, simple forms and subdued color palettes, welcome to our Minimalist Collection. This is the home of refined and elegant jewelry.

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Not everybody likes to make a bold statement, a dramatic entrance or has an in-your-face attitude. For some, less is more, subtlety is key, monochrome is their favorite word, and treading lightly is their motto. This minimalist collection is for that latter group.

Comprised of pieces that feature strong lines, basic shapes, precise angles, uncomplicated designs and sharply defined details, this is a collection that celebrates the bare essentials. Every element of these pieces is simplified and not one necklace, bracelet, earring, nor ring features fussy frills, kitschy frou-frou or anything over-the-top.

It’s a group that includes layered necklaces made from delicate chains and tiny metallic beads that are dotted along their length; streamlined rings that feature squared edges and polished surfaces; simple hoop earrings that are the ultimate in classy understatement; and chain bracelets that are either unadorned or which feature a single charm hanging from them. Each piece has hardware that is durable, unfussy and easy to use—simple and modern spring clasps, butterfly backs and connecting loops that complement the clean design of each piece of jewelry.

There’s a whole bunch of items to choose from in this collection, all of them equally beautiful and each piece as unassuming as the next. That’s not to say these items are uninteresting, forgettable or are to be worn by a wallflower. Rather, they are for the woman who is confident in her choices, who lets her jewelry and adornment amplify her sartorial style instead of drowning it out.

This is a collection for those who prefer to wear no-nonsense silhouettes—relaxed fitting shirts, wide-leg trousers, wrap dresses, perhaps woven mules, natural fibers and earthy tones. These are pieces of jewelry that, whether made in high-quality stainless steel, with rose gold or 14 karat gold plating, feature exquisite craftsmanship and are worthy of the spotlight. They may be subtle in form, but these are accessories that certainly don’t fade into the background. Wear these and you’ll wear a piece of quiet, self-assured style.