Mix & Match 925 Sterling Silver

Build your dream sterling silver jewelry set by mixing and matching our pendants, chains, charms, and attachable accessories. These are jewelry essentials to help you tailor your look and express your personality.

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Mixing and matching jewelry is a great way to express your personality and to freshen up your look. By combining different jewelry elements (adding charms to hoop earrings, layering up charms for bracelets, or adding pendants to necklaces), you can build a unique, multi-faceted look that tells your own personal story.

The Mix and Match style can also be an easy way to dress up, or dress down an outfit. Add some polish to your casual jeans by adding 18 karat gold-plated sterling silver necklaces with small, elegant zirconia pendants, or make a pair of tailored trousers more youthful with a pair of hoop earrings with added small star charms.

This is a collection of timeless pieces, in a variety of styles, from subtle designs to bold/striking shapes. It’s a collection that encourages you to experiment with new combinations, to try out unexpected pairings, and to approach dressing more playfully.

It’s also a good opportunity to embrace the new ‘neckmess’ trend and wear a collection of necklaces artfully arranged and casually layered up, polished off with charms, pendants, and meaningful motifs. Try building your own ‘neckmess’ and pair a fine Singapore chain necklace with a couple of heavier chains - a Figaro or Cuban - then add a couple of heart-shaped pendants. Or add a pearl pendant to a Bobble chain to create a playful duo.

The same applies to bracelets: mix and match different sterling silver chain bracelets on the same wrist, or add several individual pendants to the one bracelet to create your own personalized charm bracelet. Another, modern way to mix and match is to wear different colored metals together. Add sterling silver charms onto gold-plated sterling silver hoop earrings, or team sterling silver studs with gold-plated sterling silver studs to create a unique earring stack.

The pieces from this collection also make the perfect small gift for every occasion. Give a charm or pendant to a loved one, or choose a combination of items to create a memorable gift someone will cherish forever. When done right, mixing and matching can be more than just an eclectic approach to accessorizing. It can be a thoughtful expression of your personality that also inspires others. We hope this collection encourages you to create a story with your accessories and most of all, to have fun!