Mix & Match Studs

Stud earrings are always in style, but now they are even more fashionable, thanks to our range of Mix and Match Studs. Wear these adorable shapes and silhouettes in unique combinations for a look that is completely your own.

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First impressions count, and wearing the jewellery that best expresses your personality is a big part of making the right one. This is especially true when it comes to earrings—they frame your face and can say a lot to someone within a few seconds. So whether you want to add a bit of creativity to a work look, or just amplify your day-to-day sartorial style, we wanted to make it easy for you to choose exactly the right look when it comes to the earrings that you wear.

Our assortment of Mix and Match Studs lets you see what works together, for you. We’ve included shapes and forms that are refined and modern, and that will work in various combinations.

From our Palm Tree Stud Earrings to our Lotus Stud Earrings, studs in this range allow you to get a little bit playful and to show off your individuality, in a subtle and elegant way. You can choose your earrings centered around a theme, for example, one moon stud from our Star Moon Stud Earrings Set and one from our Dainty Moon Earrings; or you could team up two variations on the same shape, for example, our solid, Perfect Circle Stud Earrings with our Open Circle Stud Earrings.

If you prefer a minimalist, geometrical look, we suggest combining an earring from our Waves Stud Earrings with one of our Tiny Bar Stud Earrings. Alternatively, you could also try pairing the same shape together (two tiny bars), and mixing your metals (one gold, one rose gold). As with our stacking rings and stacking necklaces, there are no right or wrong ways to wear this look.

This is a category that is all about options, increasing your creativity, and thinking in a new and unexpected way when it comes to how you accessorize and how you wear your jewellery. We think symmetry can be overrated and a customized look is far more interesting, both for you to wear, and for how you tell your story about yourself. Mix and match your studs from this range and let your personality shine through!