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Our Sparkle collection was made to put on and glow. These are some of our most radiant designs, ready for you to wear, shine, and leave a trail of sparkle behind you.


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Made from the highest quality materials and featuring details that dazzle, this is a jewelry collection that truly shines. We’ve designed memorable, stand-out pieces using sterling silver, 18 karat gold plating, zircon stones, and more, to create luxurious wearable pieces without the heavy price tag. These are unique, lustrous items that are made to be treasured and worn everyday: this is our Sparkle collection.

Feeling good and looking radiant is important to us at Hey Happiness, which is why we don’t think shiny things should be saved only for special occasions. With this collection, we wanted to create pieces that you can enjoy wearing everyday, and in your way. These are pendant necklaces, chain bracelets, hoop and stud earrings, and rings and bands that you can wear to the office, or on a romantic getaway; day or night; together with your favorite worn jeans and boyfriend shirt while running your daily errands, or with that slinky silk dress for your next night out.

This is a broad selection of versatile pieces, all of which gleam, glimmer, and glint. From huggie earrings encrusted with tiny zircon stones, to delicate chain necklaces finished with shimmering gemstones; glittery pendants dangling from gold hoop earrings; iridescent details decorating 18 karat rose gold-plated bracelets; and brilliant baguette-cut stones set in sterling silver. This collection has something for everyone.

And no matter your personal style - minimal or dressed to the nines; trendy or timeless - we hope these items will lift your spirits and inspire you to add a touch of elegance and opulence to your everyday wardrobe. We also think there’s no need to choose between luxury and affordability - with these pieces you can have both.

We hope you enjoy browsing our Sparkle collection and that you find something to make you smile, because each and every one of these pieces were made to make you shine from the inside out. This is a collection ready to be put on and get you glowing.