Trends can be hard to keep track of, so we’ve gathered all the latest ones in the same place. Here you can browse through some of the hottest jewelry styles of this season.

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Are you stuck in a sartorial rut? Sick of getting dressed and not having the right accessory to finish off your look? Then this is exactly where you need to be—browsing our Trending collection.

This is a very special umbrella category which houses all of the different types of jewelry that are trending right now, all in the same place, so you can be inspired, try something different, or just check out what’s hot in the world of fashion jewelry. On these pages, you will find some of the latest styles, shapes and designs available this season. It’s also a place where you can discover new materials that you might just fall in love with—earrings that feature shell pieces for example, or studs with actual shells hanging from them.

It’s a place where you can find bold new ways of wearing something familiar, like with the Mix and Match Studs trend, or with our selection of Stacking Rings. Both groups show you a few easy, understated options on how to elevate your look without looking like a slave to fashion. The same goes for the Layered Necklace group. This is a look that is right on trend, but one that will stand the test of time—it’s not a look that will date within the next few seasons or even years.

The trends on these pages might also simply draw your attention back to a classic piece of jewelry, like with our collection of Hoop Earrings. This is a group that breathes new life into an old, time-honored staple that you might have overlooked in your wardrobe.

These jewelry trends that we feature aren’t all flash-in-the-pan looks either. Instead, we think that they offer elegant and modern options for how to polish off your outfit, contain special pieces that might better suit your own unique style, and will help you find a new way of dressing.

We hope that when you take a look through our current selection of trending items, you are inspired and excited by what’s new at this moment in time.