Silver Jewelry Care

  1. The best way to take care of your silver jewelry is to wear it on a regular basis. Your skin's oils can actually help keep your jewelry clean and maintain its brilliance.
  2. We also recommend storing your jewelry either in a sealed bag or in the original packaging to avoid oxidation, which may cause your silver jewelry to turn black.
  3. Please avoid contact with perfumes, and with water that contains chlorine, salts or harsh chemicals (including geothermal and hot water springs), as they may cause a chemical reaction with your silver jewelry and turn it a dark color.
  4. You can use a specialized silver cleaning cloth to gently clean the surface of your silver jewelry, or you can apply toothpaste to it using a soft cloth dipped in clean water. Once you have applied the toothpaste, leave it for one minute before rinsing it off with clean water. Then, after rinsing, use a dry soft cloth to dry your piece of jewelry and you will see it sparkle like new.
  5. Make sure you use only a soft cloth to clean your silver jewelry. Using a cloth that is too harsh may cause scratches or damage to the surface of your piece.

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