Statement Chains

Chunky and dramatic, these chains make a bold statement, making them ideal for the modern-day girlboss. Wear these and there’ll be no mistaking you mean business.

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When you’re feeling confident, you want to look confident too. That’s where these Statement Chains pieces are perfect. This is a collection all about bold, chunky jewelry that when you put it on, not only adds some glitter and glam to an outfit, but also boosts your mood and makes you feel like the powerful girlboss that you are.

This collection includes statement pieces like our chunky chain necklaces made from thick oval-shaped metal links and sleek hardware; our eye-catching, adjustable bracelets which are also formed from solid metal links; our striking earrings with dangling chain links, looping from the front of the ear lobe to the back; and our wide chain rings that will be a chic addition to your normal ring stack.

All of these pieces are bold, self-assured, and striking. But don’t think that means they are over the top, in your face, or overly aggressive. Think more sleek, modern designs that are upbeat, emboldened and invigorated—designs that will make the wearer feel the same.

They are ideal to wear with streamlined silhouettes, like tailored cigarette trousers and button up blouses for a no-frills business look, or together with a simple shift dress for a clean and streamlined vibe. They would also pair well with more feminine outfits too—use them to toughen up romantic blouses and gathered dresses, and play up the contrast between hard and soft. You could also pair these items with distressed denim and fitted tees for a touch of casual, urban glamor.

What you wear them with is of course, completely up to you, but make no mistake: these statement chains are power pieces that aren’t for introverts, wallflowers or shrinking violets. These demand attention!